ITMS members protest death penalty

While preparing a story for my TV station’s website, I scanned the list of theologians who signed a petition, calling for the U.S. government to ban the death penalty.

As I did, I recognized quite a few names, including a number of ITMS members:

  • June-Ann Greeley, Associate Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, Sacred Heart University
  • Daniel P. Horan, OFM, Franciscan Friar, Holy Name Province (New York)
  • Christopher Pramuk, Assistant Professor of Theology, Xavier University (awarded a “Louie” at our ITMS meeting at Loyola in Chicago)
If I missed any ITMS members, please let me know!

About doyoureadthomasmerton

Bob Grip was the Program Chair of the International Thomas Merton Society General Meeting at Sacred Heart University in 2013.
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1 Response to ITMS members protest death penalty

  1. Mark Meade says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I was not on the petition, but am now!

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