Donald Allchin, R.I.P.

Paul Pearson writes, “I heard the sad news this evening
that Donald Allchin died on December 23rd
in hospital in Oxford. I had heard a few days ago that he was in
hospital with a viral infection and that he had “developed a rare
form of Alzheimer (it seems) and often was out of reach.” Rev.
Arthur Macdonald Allchin made three visits to see Thomas Merton at
the Abbey of Gethsemani, and was a featured speaker in the past at
an ITMS General Meeting. May he rest in peace.

UPDATE: Paul reports that Donald Allchin’s funeral will be on the 12th of January, at 11am, at St. Mary Magdalene, Oxford, and Rowan Williams will give the address.


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Bob Grip was the Program Chair of the International Thomas Merton Society General Meeting at Sacred Heart University in 2013.
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3 Responses to Donald Allchin, R.I.P.

  1. Mike Brennan says:

    There is an interview led by David Scott which includes Rev. Allchin, Tommie O’Callaghan, John Wu and Jim Forest at It dates from the First General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland held at La Sainte Union College, Southampton, held 17th – 19th May, 1996.

  2. That can also be found by clicking on the hyperlink in the original posting.

  3. d densil morgan says:

    I’ve just heard the sad news of the death of Donald Allchin. A true friend of Wales and an inspiration to many. I have fond memories since we first met in 1993. Thereafter we worked together, especially on the co-authored volume Sensuous Glory (2000) on the poetry of Gwenallt Jones. He will be sorely missed.

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