Merton: Pilgrim/Steward/Evangelist

We are delighted that Bishop Robert Morneau will be one of our plenary speakers at the ITMS General Meeting at Loyola University in Chicago next June.

His address is titled, “Thomas Merton: Pilgrim of the Desert and City/Steward and Evangelist of God’s Word.”

He says, “The universal question of one’s identity haunts the human spirit.  Thomas Merton wrestled with the question throughout his life.  Three aspects of his identity can be found in his journey theme (pilgrim), in his awareness of specific gifts (stewardship), and in his sharing with the world the fruits of his contemplative prayer (evangelist). Merton’s identity and life reflect well the joys and anxieties of our human existence.”

Bishop Robert Morneau is pastor of Resurrection Parish in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay.  He was ordained a priest in 1966 and a bishop in 1979.  Besides pastoral work in the diocese, he has given retreats, written books on spirituality and poetry, and has been involved in he writing of the bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship.  He is a Packer fan as well as an avid golfer and                                     gardener.

About doyoureadthomasmerton

Bob Grip was the Program Chair of the International Thomas Merton Society General Meeting at Sacred Heart University in 2013.
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