Doing Lectio Divina with Thomas Merton

Suzanne Zuercher, O.S.B., is a member of St. Scholastica Monastery, a psychologist, a frequent presenter at ITMS/Chicago and also a member of the Program Committee for the ITMS General Meeting at Loyola University-Lakefront. She has written five books on spirituality, including Merton, An Enneagram Profile.

She will lead a presentation called, “Doing Lectio Divina with Thomas Merton”.

For those who might need a little refresher course on it, lectio is an ancient practice, dating back to the desert fathers (and mothers) who centered their meditation on biblical texts, a practice continued by monks today. In his volume Contemplative Prayer, Thomas Merton wrote, “It is understood that the personal prayer of the monk is embedded in a life of psalmody, liturgical celebration and the meditative reading of Scripture (lectio divina).”

Zuercher believes lectio need not be limited to monastic communities! šŸ™‚

This is how Zuercher plans to approach lectio for the ITMS General Meeting. “After a brief introduction to the ancient monastic practice of lectio divina and how Merton articulated it for the present day, the group will apply what has been said to a Merton text. There will be sharing at each point in the process of taking his words from the page to personal experience,” she said.


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Bob Grip was the Program Chair of the International Thomas Merton Society General Meeting at Sacred Heart University in 2013.
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